i’ll now reply to everything i get in private with sebastian stan’s face

because i can

Portative Gif Folder → Sebastian Stan 

Not a proper gif hunt as it’s just my own folder, mostly for my own purposes and definitely wouldn’t be what I call a good gif hunt, as it’s truly about gifs I would use because they fit my own character with his face, and not what I think gif hunts are about. But if someone else can use it, then feel free to, I definitely don’t mind. Probably about 350 gifs in there.


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help me pick a coloring v. 2 please?

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Fun fact if you plan on going to Paris: A lot of people seem to think it’s romantic to hang lil’ locks on the Passerelle des Arts. Well, you can’t do it anymore. Seriously. There’s too many locks, the people taking care of the bridge have to cut some off because it weighs too much and the bridge, which was only made for walkers can’t handle that. So, I’d suggest you don’t hang locks there. Actually you won’t be able to there’s litterally no damn room left. And don’t hang it at other places either, it might seem cute and romantic to you but it’s only a pain in the ass to the people who either live here or have to remove it. And also we have enough pollution not to have more keys in the goddamned Seine. 

What would happen if Rachel Berry ran a nightclub? No idea, but this playlist would be the one you’d hear.

does anyone know where I can download 1080p episodes of Glee? (mostly s2/3. The most recent ones are easy to find?)

Anonymous said:  Hi! I was wondering if you could help me come up with a father for a Lea Michele FC with Idina Menzel (OBVIOUSLY) as the mother? It would be super helpful!

To be honest, with Idina as the mother you could almost anyone as the father. They really do look alike so, really, she would only or almost only take after her mother. So, well, I’m not going to make you a list of all FCs I can think of in the right age range, instead, here’s a few lists of faceclaims that could help you.

Anonymous said:  I was wondering if you could help, I need four brothers, a mother and a father for Emilia Clarke

Here’s a few I think would fit for each. Depending on how old you want to make her/what brother you use, some of the parents suggestions might not work as well, but here we go:


  • Greg Kinnear
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Alan Cumming


  • Lena Headey
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Julianne Moore
  • Lauren Graham
  • Kate Beckinsale (on the younger side. Really)


  • Ben Barnes
  • Shane Coffey
  • Jim Sturgess
  • Ian Harding
  • Zac Efron
  • Logan Lerman
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Harry Lloyd
  • Jensen Ackles
  • Andrew Garfield
  • Gaspard Ulliel
  • Harry Styles

Hope this helped!